Why Should You Boost Your Aging Loved One’s Sense of Independence

Why Should You Boost Your Aging Loved One’s Sense of Independence

It’s been said that one only gets to see the value of something when it’s already lost. For our aging parents, this is mostly evident with their sense of independence. Think of them in their younger years, working to bring food on the table, playing their favorite sport, or visiting their favored place. Now that their senior years have come, this freedom can get limited or hindered by joint pains.

As we provide Personal Care Service in San Antonio, Texas, we always recognize that preserving a sense of independence is very helpful in being an effective care provider. Restoring independence can be as simple as letting them decide on what they want to wear, giving them a free hand on washing their hair, or using the toilet on their own, among others.

With these, you can help your aging loved one enjoy the following benefits of senior independence:

  • Regain their Confidence of Self
    Your senior loved one needs to feel that there are things that they’re able to do all by themselves. No matter how simple these things are in your perception, the fact that you trust them to do these can already be an empowering factor to boost their self-confidence.
  • Ward Off Depression
    In connection with regaining confidence, having a sense of control in their activities can be emotionally uplifting. This is a great factor in their mental health, helping to push negative thoughts away. While the senior limitations can be depressing, their sense of control can be comforting.
  • Help them to Stay Active
    Our aging loved ones also need to be active so that they can also work out their bones and muscles. The sedentary lifestyle is not advisable for the elderly as this can only aggravate their health decline. When they get to do things on their own, they can be encouraged to be more active, which in turn, becomes beneficial for their overall health.
  • Practice their Memory
    Doing the daily tasks with or without assistance from Home Care providers can help train their memory in doing these activities. For instance, when they’re doing something out of routine activities, not only will they get to accomplish it on their own, but they can also do them from memory.
  • Earn a Sense of Purpose
    Along with the sense of control when they are given a free hand of their chosen activities, they also need to know that they have a purpose. When you get them to work in their own pace or give their own insights, they can feel that they still have purpose in the life of their loved ones.

To help your senior loved one in attaining these care goals, our team at Above and Beyond Caregiving, Inc. is ready to respond to your request of assistance. If you’re also interested to inquire about our Senior Care Services, just keep in touch.

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