Establish Healthy Skin Care Habits at Home

Establish Healthy Skin Care Habits at Home

Taking care of one’s skin is a healthy habit that each of us should pay attention to the younger the better. Habits are activities that, when done early on, can bring on benefits in the latter years. As we grow more mature, our skin also becomes thinner and more sensitive. By establishing healthy skin care habits, you can lessen unhealthy skin issues during senior years.

Since we partner with you in providing Personal Care Service in San Antonio, Texas, let us also help you out with these skin care tips:

  • Eat Skin-friendly Fruits and Vegetables
    The fact is that, fruits and vegetables are generally ideal for quality skin condition of every person, especially with our aging loved ones. Fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants that can coat skin cells so that harmful elements such as free radicals cannot kill them. As a result, the skin gets stronger and becomes glower.
  • Apply Skin-friendly Moisturizers
    Skin care products will need the approval of dermatologists especially, that some people become allergic with certain ingredients. Your senior loved one is not exempt, as their skin becomes even more sensitive in the aging years. Ensure that the moisturizers they use are healthy and good for their skin.
  • Engage in Regular Exercise
    Staying active can help your body flush out unhealthy elements through sweat, consequently helping nutrients flow smoother. As your body gains more energy and strength through exercises, your skin also benefits from this glow.
  • Sleep Well
    Each time we go to sleep, our body goes through an episode of rest and the cells regenerating. Ideally, we need to sleep for about 8 hours each night. Ensure that you get to rest well every night so that your cells are able to work out the regeneration that they need. If your loved one faces sleeping troubles, better talk to them personally to see how these issues can be resolved.
  • Massage Your Face Gently
    As to your facial skin, applying gentle massage every day can help promote better blood flow. When there’s enhanced blood circulation on your face, nutrients can easily reach to the end parts. Because of this, applying gentle massage on the face, especially with circular motions, can be helpful in enhancing your skin.

Keep in mind that these habits are not just applicable in the younger years. You can also apply them even with your aging loved one. Whenever you need assistance in extending Senior Care Services, our team at Above and Beyond Caregiving, Inc. is already prepared to lend a hand.

Once you’re able to practice these habits on a daily basis, you can have better expectations for your skin condition. If you also have professional Home Care attendants who are helping you undertake these healthy habits, better for you. If you have relevant concerns that you need clarifications or if you have other inquiries, don’t hesitate to keep in touch with us.

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