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Great Grandma Maria, Grandma Lily, Older sister and YvetteGreat Grandma Maria, Grandma Lily, Older sister and Yvette

Yvette Allan, a lifetime San Antonio resident, owns and manages Above and Beyond Caregiving, Inc. – a Texas Health and Human Services Licensed provider of Personal Care Services. This is her calling and way of life since she was a child. Her great grandmother who was blind lived in her parent’s home, her grandparents also lived with them and eventually needed help too. Early on, they took care of the great grandmother and helped her mom raise the children. Experiencing the care and love given to her by her mom, dad, and especially her grandmother Lily, a Godly woman, became the role model of how Yvette provides care, which is by putting others’ needs before her own. Her grandma had a sweet way of asking what their hearts’ desires were and generously giving it to the best of her ability. Grandma Lily was her guide on how to cook, and cater to people; she always made everyone feel loved and special and did it with ease and enjoyment. Because of her, Yvette chose to be a stay-at-home mom so her children would also have her undivided special attention. That is until they no longer needed or desired her full-time care. Needing to fill the void of no one to care for all-day, she decided to get an education somewhat later in life.

She went to school for business administration and soon after, began her career in Home Care Management. She gained business experience in the 13 years she worked at other home care agencies but never felt like they truly put anyone or anything first but the bottom line. This is the main reason she started her own agency so that she could line up her beliefs with the way she does business as a Christian and from the Godly example of how Grandma Lily always treated people, which is letting people know they are valued and cared about.

Almost four years ago, her mom Rose Marie who was a stay-at-home wife for 63 years and a mother to a disabled son, passed away. Her mom had provided care to her husband and son until the last two weeks of her life when she was unable to do so, and Yvette plans to care for others until she is unable just like her mom.

For her, it is an honor and a privilege to help others who need care and understands that many people do not have the luxury of providing full-time care to their loved ones due to their own family commitments, jobs, distance, and sometimes, their own health issues. This is the reason Above and Beyond Caregiving, Inc. exists – to fill the void that some families have when they are unable to provide full-time care themselves but desire the best care for their loved ones.

Therefore, she hopes you will reach out and allow her to help with your care needs. She has extensive experience and knows what the clients and their families expect and deserve, what makes a good employer and what support and training caregivers need in order to do a good job. It is simple and universal. We must treat others, as we would like to be treated.

Thank you in advance for the opportunity to serve you and your loved ones with our in-home care services. We plan to treat everyone with compassion, dignity, respect and will ensure that every staff member at Above and Beyond Caregiving, Inc. have the same integrity and goals that will contribute to our commitment to serving from the heart. This is not a business or a job for Yvette; this is a life calling and a ministry. God Bless You!

family smilingDad, Mom and Brother.

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We will treat clients, their family members and each other with compassion, dignity and respect. Our goal is to accommodate each person in our care to their individual preferences and desires and will do everything in our power to meet their unique needs. We will ensure that all of our staff members at Above and Beyond Caregiving, Inc. have the same integrity and goals that will contribute to our commitment to serve from the heart.

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