5 Risks Involved When Getting Independent Caregivers

5 Risks Involved When Getting Independent Caregivers

Are you in need of a reliable caregiver? In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics says the demand for home health aides is increasing at 41% in the next 20 years. The demand is mainly due to the increasing baby boomer generation. In your own home, your elderly parent or grandparent can be facing age-related challenges that are difficult for you to assist with. The skills and experiences of a caregiver are indeed sought-after today.

Since it’s your loved one to be cared for, you would look for a high-quality personal care service in San Antonio, Texas. Your options would usually include an independent caregiver, a licensed home care agency, or a relative. The first two options would be more viable since the question of experience and skills can be expected. However, the independent caregiver, or the one who provides services not affiliated with any agency, can be possibly costlier for you. Consider the following:

  1. Suspicious Background
    With independent caregivers, you will spend your own security screening in order to ensure the background of your applicant. If you have questions about the caregiver’s reputation, you will have a difficult time or costly process to go through. In contrast, home care agencies such as Above and Beyond Caregiving, Inc. conducts their own criminal background check at no cost to you.
  2. Compensation Claims
    When you get your own independent caregivers, it would mean that you’re their employer. With that relationship, they can make compensation demands or fees that may be beyond your capacity but required for you to comply as an employer.
  3. Legal Issues
    When you’re considered the employer of an independent caregiver, you’re also liable for their tax contributions, among other government-required dues from an employer. Refusal or delay to do so could mean legal implications for you. It is not the same with a home care agency where caregivers are employed by the facility, which will also be the same agency to pay government dues.
  4. Lack of Training
    Independent caregivers may not have updated training on skills necessary for their tasks. Since they support themselves, the training can be costly for them personally. But with a reputable home care agency, a training is required and recommended for their staff. So you can rely on a better service.
  5. Lack of Insurance
    Caregivers need to have work insurance in case something happens to them while at work. For an independent caregiver, this insurance can be overlooked and so when anything untoward happens while they’re on duty, you will be bearing the burden on your own. Home care agencies, on the other hand, ensure their own staff so they can deliver secure and quality services all the time.

It’s a practical consideration to think about expenses when we need our loved ones to be cared for. But exercise caution on your choices. It’s maybe just when you think you’ve made savings you’ve actually spent more than you ought.

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