4 Exercise Recommendations for those Who have Visual Impairments


The sunset years come with glory and challenges. This makes caring for your elderly loved one at home a fulfilling choice. We know this is possible. Our founder at Above and Beyond Caregiving, Inc., has even made a lifelong ministry out of this service. So we know that with dedication, patience, and much love, you’ll thrive in this arena with much productivity.

As for the challenges, one that comes to mind would be visual impairment. This loss of limited visual capacity can also limit the way a senior person can live their lives. But with your assistance, they can surely manage it. You can help them gain self-confidence by assisting them in simple exercise regimens. As we know, exercise is still the ideal activity even at senior years. Here are exercise options that people with visual limitations can still enjoy doing:

  1. Accompanied walking 
    Walking will never go out of style. You can hold their hands as you walk around the neighbourhood. Your loved one can even practice using their walking stick, or being accompanied by dogs. The important thing is that they have performed this physical activity at least 30 minutes each day. Of course, there’s the added blessing of fresh air in the surroundings.
  2. Tandem biking 
    For your senior loved one who’s up to it, you can try tandem biking with them. What’s ideal about this activity is that it strengthens their legs, which can help prevent them from possible falls. As the caregiver, you can also enjoy the sceneries as you bike around. So in the end, both of you will get to benefit from this activity.
  3. Chair exercises 
    Your aging loved one can also perform chair exercises. There are a lot of exercises tutorials available online to help you out. You can try letting them sit on a chair, and assist them in hand rotations, knee rotations, and even leg lifting. Since this doesn’t need much mobility, chair exercising will be ideal for patients with visual impairment.
  4. Yoga 
    If your senior family member is of the more athletic type, yoga could be a great option for them. However, this may need extra skill when teaching it to them. But, there are surely postures that will be helpful in achieving good stretching and muscular exercises. You can request for the assistance of someone who’s into this practice to better aid your loved one. Just make sure that the person you’re asking has senior care on top of their minds.
While exercising is always a go for people of all ages, our team members at Home Care Services in San Antonio, TX, still suggest for you to get a doctor’s approval. Before performing any stressful regimen, make sure that your loved one has their doctor’s permission, so that you’ll be confident that their exercise will really do them good. As always, if you need assistance in meeting the personal care needs of your family member, don’t hesitate to contact us at 210-320-3659.
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