Senior Exercises: Why You Should Start Walking Today

Senior Exercises Why You Should Start Walking Today

You have heard it again and again. Exercise is good for the body no matter the age. The difference only lies in the intensity of the exercises you will do. Typically, senior individuals can go for low to medium-intensity exercises.

  1. The Benefits of Walking
    Walking is one of the many exercises that will benefit you. It is a low-intensity exercise that does not require a lot of equipment. You just need a pair of good shoes and walking attire and you’re all set. You can acquire the following benefits when you choose walking as your daily exercise:

    • Walking can help improve your heart and lung health.
    • It helps reduce your risk of developing a stroke or cardiovascular disease.
    • It helps you achieve good physical fitness.
    • It is good for managing your weight, keeping it at a healthy level.
    • Your bones remain relatively strong.
    • You also get to enhance your balance.

    More benefits are still out there. Bottom line is, walking can definitely help you in staying healthy in your advanced years.

  2. Getting Started
    You should always talk to your doctor first about your walking regimen. This will help the professional keep track of your health, warn you of possible situations that may arise during any of your walks. Take note of what your doctor will say. Never do anything that does not have your doctor’s permission when it comes to exercise.

  3. Preparing For Your Walk
    For your safety and protection, proper attire is crucial. You must wear appropriate walking shoes and attire. You can get help from a provider of Personal Care Service in San Antonio, Texas in wearing these clothing items.

    Always consider the weather before going for a walk. Ideally, you should walk in the early morning or early to late evening. Avoid walking during noon time as it may affect your skin’s health. It can also cause you to sweat more, risking yourself of dehydration.

    Consider the distance. You can go for one block and back. You can also go to the park and walk several laps around it. Make sure that you bring a bottle of water with you to ensure that you stay hydrated, especially if the distance to be covered is quite long. Have someone accompany you, especially at night, to avoid any untoward incident.

  4. During The Walk
    Start slowly. Listen to your body and know when to push forward or when to stop. Try to appreciate your surroundings and be mindful of where you are for your safety.

  5. After The Walk
    Make sure to change immediately to dry clothes. Get help from a Home Care provider, if needed. Drink water, too.

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