Organizing Your Medications at Home: 7 Tips


Being a family caregiver, organizing your care duties can make the tasks more efficient and convenient for you and your loved one. It can also help you establish routines faster which can make life easier to manage for our loved ones receiving long-term care.

Hence, we would like to impart some more tips to organize your medicines to help them manage their daily activities better.

  1. Arrange medicines in a pillbox that contains special compartments allotting for times of the day or days of the week to help you segregate the medicines accordingly. This helps you monitor whether your loved one has indeed taken their medicine for the day or not.

    Aside from pillboxes, some pharmacies also offer special packaging of medicines. When you can gain access to this type of service, it can help your Home Care provider to assist the medications easier.

  2. Establish a daily routine for your loved one which includes their medication intake. Routines are very helpful in medication adherence as it makes the schedule easy to remember. Integrate the schedule into routines that are done on a daily basis, such as mealtimes, bathing, or sleeping.
  3. Store medicines in the same accessible and visible location. This way, you or your loved one can easily see it and remember their schedule. At the same time, ensure that these areas are safe from children’s and pet’s reach. For seniors who have difficulty in remembering their medicines, they can be assisted by professionals providing Personal Care Service in San Antonio, Texas.
  4. Make use of alarm clocks or digitized reminders through your mobile phones or computers. You can also get digital clocks that have a talking feature which you can program to announce reminders of your intake schedule. In today’s age of technology, making use of digital items to remind for medications can be an ideal assistant as we make use of our mobile phones practically every day.
  5. Hire professional care staff administering Senior Care Services who will assist your loved one on, among others, medication administration. The great advantage of this service is that the other personal care needs of your loved one can also be attended to.
  6. Create a daily checklist of activities so that you will have a visual reminder of the goals you need to make. For the medication checklist, make sure to include information on the medicine’s name and dosage. If there are any special instructions, write it on the checklist as well.
  7. Communicate with your doctor if, in the instance that taking many medications becomes confusing, there will be an alternative to take the medicines less frequently, or to take one combination drug that covers multiple prescriptions. The latter is also possible with compounding. Comply with the doctor’s instruction for the safety of the one you’re caring for.

When you need a home care professional to assist a loved one at home, we’re here to back to back you up at Above and Beyond Caregiving, Inc. Contact us anytime.

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