Keep It Clean


As you get older, daily responsibilities and chores may be more difficult to fulfill. If you have a senior citizen in your life living alone at home, give them a helping hand. Don’t let them tire themselves out or raise their chances of getting hurt while cleaning. You don’t have to wait for spring to help your elderly loved one with cleaning. Help them as often as you can. Help them maintain their hygiene and give them assistance in keeping their home tidy.

The Home

If your aging family member or friend can no longer keep their home spotless, do what you can to keep their home in good shape. Living in a messy home isn’t just unappealing, it is also dangerous. When you neglect the cleanliness of your home, you create a home for bacteria and germs to live in. Your aging loved one’s risk of getting ill will increase. Some simple things that you can do whenever you visit your aging friend’s home include:

  • Vacuuming all of their carpets.
    An accumulation of dust could negatively affect your loved one’s immune system and cause respiratory and skin problems.
  • Getting rid of clutter.
    Clutter all around the house could lead to devastating trips and falls.
  • Cleaning the bathroom.
    It may be hard for your senior family member or friend to scrub their toilet and bathtub. If they fail to keep their bathroom clean, molds may start to form and cause them to get sick.


Keeping your senior loved one’s home clean is important, but it is even more critical that they maintain their hygiene. Having proper hygiene is important no matter what age you are, so make sure that your loved one who is more seasoned in their years continues to take care of their body. Assist them with bathing, keep their nails clean and trimmed. Make sure they are taking care of their teeth and see to it that the clothes they are wearing are clean. Older bodies may struggle with carrying baskets of dirty clothes. Bending over and putting clothes in the washer and dryer may be too challenging of a task. If your senior loved one needs help with doing laundry, provide them with assistance.

It isn’t always easy to keep an eye on your senior loved one. Life tends to get overwhelmingly busy and it is understandable if you aren’t able to dedicate 100% of your time to caring for your aging family member or friend. If you are in need of Home Care Services in San Antonio, TX, consider hiring a caregiver from Above and Beyond Caregiving, Inc. We will help your loved one maintain their hygiene and keep their home clean, as well. You can trust us to provide them with the Senior Care that they need.
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