Housekeeping Hacks: Steps to Remove Stains from Bedsheets

Housekeeping Hacks Steps to Remove Stains from Bedsheets

Do you have a problem with stains on beddings? Aside from being unsightly, stains can also give off an unpleasant odor and becomes a breeding ground for infectious bacteria. The most important thing to remember when this instance occurs is to NOT ALLOW the stain to dry on the linen. As much as possible, wash and sanitize these linens right away.

Being a premier provider of Personal Care Service in San Antonio, Texas, here are hacks on stain removal that we would like to impart with you:

  1. Apply stain removers
    As soon as the bed is stained, replace it right away. Spray a stain remover on the affected area to ensure that a stain will not linger. The reason for such immediate action is to make sure that the stain will not dry up on the cloth, which can be very difficult to remove if ever. When you weren’t able to immediately replace the bed sheet right after it got wet, change it as soon as you see the stain.
  2. Soak in hot water
    After spraying the stain remover, soak the linen in hot water. Soak for about five minutes. The hot temperature can kill off bacteria that may have gathered from the discharge. In relation to this, it helps to remember that the stain is not the only cause of bacteria infestation in one’s bedding, as there are still the person’s sweat, body dirt, and dust, among others. Soaking your linen in hot water can help destroy bacteria sticking to the sheets.
  3. Wash in hot water
    With the same hot water you used for soaking, wash the bed sheets with your preferred laundry powder. Make sure that the temperature is tolerable enough for your hands, of course.
  4. Examine for remaining stains
    As you wash and rinse the cloth, inspect it for some remaining stains that may have been missed out. If you can spot stubborn stains, apply the stain remover in that area to ensure that these are eradicated. You don’t want to hang the cloth with some stains left as these can be more difficult to remove once they’ve already dried.
  5. Dry bedding
    After washing and rinsing, dry your sheets at the highest dryer setting of your machine. The heat level can kill off the remaining bacteria that may have clung even after you’ve soaked them earlier. As soon as it’s dry, you can store it for the next usage.

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Do you have any experience of removing stains from bedsheets? Kindly comment your experience for other readers to learn from. Don’t forget to share this!

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