Exposing the Truth About Caregiving Myths

Exposing the Truth About Caregiving Myths
  • Myth: Getting Senior Care Services is free.
    Truth: Unless if you’re caring for your loved one personally, getting outside help from professional care providers has its own cost. However, paying for care services done in your own home is not just convenient for your aging loved one, but also more affordable as compared with services within a care facility.
  • Myth: All services for home care are just the same.
    Truth: Every patient is unique and so do their care needs. Some patients need assistance in their disability management. Others are seniors who are very independent in most of their personal care but will need assistance in chores. Other services are intended for patients who will need long-term care. This only means that home care services are different and unique for every patient providers cater to.
  • Myth: Care providers from home care agencies are not skilled.
    Truth: Far from this myth however, home care providers are one of the well-trained, experienced, and skilled workers in the healthcare industry. Furthermore, most of the home care agencies provide quality training to their staff so they can easily adapt to the latest developments in the healthcare environment. The scope of their work will demand this level of skill-set, so you can trust that when you tap them to assist you at home they’re very qualified to carry it out.
  • Myth: Only the rich can afford live-in care.
    Truth: When you’re looking for providers of quality Personal Care Service in San Antonio, Texas, you might face the option of getting 24/7 type of care. This care service can be accessed by even regular citizens as there are Medicaid and Medicare programs supporting this service. When all-day monitoring is deemed necessary, don’t hesitate to talk with a care service provider to know your options.
  • Myth: Older adults are already uninterested about their senior years.
    Truth: While you may see many seniors sitting down most of the time, there are many different activities that seniors can easily engage in. Some enjoy knitting, others gardening, while others tend to their pets. Many seniors focus on doing their hobby or volunteering so their time is made more useful. They also enjoy interacting with others as they have so many things to share.
  • Myth: Older adults cannot decide for themselves.
    Truth: Seniors do hang on to this capacity to make important decisions on their own especially when it comes to getting Home Care services. Their choices have to be given consideration so that they can enjoy living their aging years with quality experience. For this reason, care providers must see to it that the dignity and independence of seniors have to be always respected and recognized.

Are you searching for quality care providers for an aging loved one? We hope that this set of thought can support your decision of getting this skilled help. To help answer your questions related to these services, contact us at Above and Beyond Caregiving, Inc. Our team is ready to assist you.

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