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5 Reasons to Choose Home Care for the Elderly

Your decision to choose home care for your loved ones will benefit the entire family. There’s no denying how tough caregiving is and how it can take a toll on you both physically and mentally. It’s important to find a solution that allows your loved ones to remain at home and you, to go to … Continue reading

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4 Exercise Recommendations for those Who have Visual Impairments

The sunset years come with glory and challenges. This makes caring for your elderly loved one at home a fulfilling choice. We know this is possible. Our founder at Above and Beyond Caregiving, Inc., has even made a lifelong ministry out of this service. So we know that with dedication, patience, and much love, you’ll … Continue reading

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4 Tips: Choosing Food for the Elderly

You must have heard this already, but a little reinforcement every once in a while surely helps. You’ve done a good job in caring for your aging family member at home. Yes, there will be challenges and pressures. But then again, don’t these happen all the time? So since hurdles do come in life, make … Continue reading

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4 Things That Might Solve Communication Problems Between You and Your Patient

Even though we try our hardest to avoid it, miscommunications happen. Said miscommunications evolve into fights and what’s sad about this is most of our communication problems are with the people that surround us, such as our family and friends. When you’re in the healthcare industry, your relationship with your patient is unlike any other; … Continue reading

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Being a Companion to an Elderly: Am I Doing This Right?

When we do something for the first time, we can’t shake off the feeling that we’re doing it wrong, even though there are no signs to support what we’re feeling. This apprehension of messing it up can be a good thing because we’re careful and we would take our time to make sure that we … Continue reading

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Health Tips for a Better Life at an Advanced Age

As we get older, our health will naturally decline. We can feel this in our joints, in our energy levels, and through many other aspects as our age climbs up. However, just because you are getting older, it does not mean you have to surrender to the effects of aging. Here are some tips that can help you continue living the life you love at an advanced age: Find an In-Home Care Service:  Finding personalized home care services in San Antonio, TX such as the programs offered at Above and Beyond Caregiving, Inc.,an provide you with many different benefits. Many of us do not want to have to rely on caregivers because it can feel like we are losing our independence. However, our services are designed to keep you independent as much as possible. We are here to give you the helping hand … Continue reading

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Our Mission & Vision Statement

We will treat clients, their family members and each other with compassion, dignity and respect. Our goal is to accommodate each person in our care to their individual preferences and desires and will do everything in our power to meet their unique needs. We will ensure that all of our staff members at Above and Beyond Caregiving, Inc. have the same integrity and goals that will contribute to our commitment to serve from the heart.

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