6 Epic Medication Safety Formula to Follow

6 Epic Medication Safety Formula to Follow

When we think of medications, we automatically understand that it is intended for the patient’s welfare. Wouldn’t you agree? Doctors prescribe medication to manage pain, reduce the symptoms, and even treat different kinds of illnesses.

However, medications can also harm the patient IF they’re not being used properly. As a leading provider of Personal Care Service in San Antonio, Texas, medication management is one of the services we extend to our clients. Managing a person’s medications should be carried out to ensure that they’re adhering to the intake schedule and dosage as prescribed.

Many of our senior loved ones are in great need of ensuring their medication safety. Hence, we share these important reminders as a formula for achieving medication safety.

  1. ALWAYS inform your loved one’s doctor of the current medicines they’re taking.
    While the doctor will ask of their medical history upon checkups, it helps to supplement their instruction with your knowledge. This way, you can help prevent the possible occurrence of drug interactions.
  2. COMPLY with the doctor’s instructions as to how the medicine should be taken.
    In many cases, the physician will instruct on how much dosage to take and when to take the drug. If there’s something that you want to clarify about this instruction, make sure that you can relay it with your loved one’s doctor.
  3. STORE their medications in a safe and secure place.
    These storage locations should have to be cool and dark, and away from the reach of children and pets. Some medicines are harmful to people who are not intended to take them.
  4. CHECK for the medicine’s expiration dates.
    While pharmacies will most likely check on the drugs before dispensing them, it also helps to know that you’re doing double-check on your hand. The more certain you are, the better for your loved one who will take it.
  5. CHECK your blood sugar level regularly.
    Some medicines may have a negative reaction to a high sugar level. Our Home Care team can assist your loved one in performing this blood sugar test even at home.
  6. TAKE all the necessary blood tests that your loved one’s doctor requires.
    They may need these tests on a regular basis to be able to make accurate adjustments of their previously prescribed medications when necessary. So when the doctor scheduled for a follow-up appointment, make sure that you don’t miss it.

Without proper monitoring and management, medications can complicate your loved one’s existing condition. When they’re not able to adhere to these medicine schedules also, they can be at risk of relapse or possible hospital admission. These scenarios can be costlier for you to handle. Our team providing Senior Care Services is here to assist your loved one in performing their care needs at home.

Do you need extra hands in caring for a dear family member in your home? You’re free to reach out and inquire from our team at Above and Beyond Caregiving, Inc. We’d be glad to assist you.

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