7 Practical Suggestions to Keep Your Senior’s Incontinence Under Control

7 Practical Suggestions to Keep Your Senior's Incontinence Under Control

Incontinence is one’s inability to control the secretion of wastes, such as urine and feces. Unfortunately, this condition is part of growing old. Once the body is no longer as healthy as it used to be, the body becomes incapable of performing its usual functions.

While being incontinent is involuntary, its consequences can still be limited. Your loved one and the rest of the family need not suffer the mess and the shame. There are ways to contain this leaking problem. If you are out of bright ideas, Above and Beyond Caregiving, Inc. has a short list that could benefit you:

  1. Serve appropriate meals
    Though generally classified as healthy, some foods may be inappropriate for an elderly. One of the common aftermaths of improper nutrition is incontinence. Be very keen and identify which food is not right for them.
  2. Cure constipation first
    Constipation, by definition, refers to irregular bowel movements whereby the stool is difficult to pass. When not treated right away, this defecating difficulty can later turn into a continuous and unstoppable series of releases.
  3. Promote constant hydration
    Drinking fewer amount of water is a bad idea. Though seemingly an illogical action, but drinking less water do more damage than help. With less water, the urine becomes concentrated. In such concentration, the bladder becomes irritated and will send signals to the brain making the body feel the urge to urinate repeatedly.
  4. Cut down alcoholism
    What else causes the urine to become concentrated? Alcohol. If your loved one constantly drinks, now is the best time to cut that vice. Soft drinks and caffeinated beverages cause the same effect.
  5. Stop tobacco smoking
    Is there any connection between smoking and incontinence? Surprisingly, there is. According to recent studies, chemical components found on each cigarette stick may worsen involuntary urination. As examined, smoking actually triggers incontinence among the male gender.
  6. Shrug off obesity
    Obesity is a known cause of incontinence. Accordingly, the extra and unnecessary weight one carries puts pressure on the abdominal region. As a result of such pressure, the kidney is suppressed and an inevitable urinary incontinence occurs.
  7. Examine medication side effects
    At times, medicines have unwanted side effects. And depending on the recipient, the degree of damage or irregularity that could occur may be varied. If the incontinence started after a new set of prescription is implemented, better consult with the doctors right away.

Incontinence care is a major inclusion of Personal Care. If you need such services for your baby boomers, allow Above and Beyond Caregiving, Inc. to impress you! Being one of the finest providers of Home Care Services in San Antonio, TX, we have no plan of failing you! Expect first-rate services at reasonable prices!

Note as well that we totally differ from the other competitors because our care is not just contractual. The source of our competency is genuine dedication and compassion. To know what we are made of, do not hesitate to inquire via 210-320-3659.

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