Senior Parents Refusing In-Home Care: What Should I Do?

Senior Parents Refusing In-Home Care What Should I Do

Aging is a part of being naturally human, a process that every person has to go through when it’s their time. When people reach senior age, they will encounter changes in their physical capabilities. These include declines in strength, flexibility, balance, and more. That is why many families opt to engage the help of Senior Care Services. Through these services, the older adults can get the physical and emotional support they need for everyday living.

But, not all senior individuals are keen on this idea. There are a lot of them who view in-home care as a way to lose their independence. If you find yourself in a situation where your own parents are refusing such care, you can follow these tips.

  1. Explain the benefits involved
    Personal Care Service in San Antonio, Texas is beneficial to your parents in many ways. However, they can’t see these benefits by themselves. All they can think about is the false perception of losing their independence.

    In this case, you have to explain the reasons why in-home care services will be good for them. You can explain that they can have someone to talk to or have someone keep the home clean within minimal effort on their part. When discussing the benefits, focus on what they can get out of it and how it can affect their independence in a positive way.

  2. Let them know about your worries
    As an adult child who loves his or her parents, you just want them to be safe and healthy in their senior years. You do understand that, given their conditions, living alone by themselves may not be the safest and healthiest option.

    Most often than not, aging parents do not want to burden their adult children and other family members. They say that they are safe, healthy and good by themselves even when it is not the case. They just want you not to worry about them.

    The best way to get about this is to tell them what really concerns you. Let them know that you are worried they might get hurt when they do not have someone who can look after them. Once they understand your position and that you are only looking out for their safety, they might likely give in.

  3. Never force the issue on them
    If, after your explanation, they still do not want to take advantage of this care option, you can try again some other time. They might not be in the mood to listen to what you are saying. Always remember not to force them into doing what they don’t want to do. Put yourself in their shoes.

Once they are ready to receive care, you can contact us at Above and Beyong Caregiving, Inc. for care services your senior parents need!

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