Keeping Senior Homes Clean and Functional with Home Management

Keeping Senior Homes Clean and Functional with Home Management

A lot of our clients have big and beautiful homes with wide lawns and colorful gardens. They worry that as they advance in years, they may no longer be able to keep up with the maintenance of their homes. So we have created Home Care solutions that will allow our senior patients to have functional and clean homes with the help of our caregivers who can oversee their home management.

Check out some of the services we offer:

  • Handle Lawn Services
    With the supervision of our caregivers, we can get in touch with professional lawn services that can clear out any debris to bring back the beauty of your lawn. Once major lawn services have taken place, our caregivers can then handle minor gardening and lawn maintenance.
  • Oversee Home Repairs
    Maintaining the glory of our patients’ homes, we can also help oversee home repairs that are needed around the house. What used to be a task that our patients usually took care of may now be too taxing on their bodies that they have least prioritized these repairs in their homes. After the major repairs, our caregivers can easily do regular minor house cleaning like vacuuming, mopping, and sweeping the floors. Dusting and polishing shelves and household décor will also be included. This helps keep the sanitation of our patients’ homes and eliminate dust from settling on items and furniture.
  • Check Fridge Goods
    Sometimes, we forget a few food items in the refrigerator that have gone way past their expiry dates. By checking on the items in the fridge, we ensure moldy fruits and food packs get tossed into the trash or even prevent food from getting spoiled.
  • Garbage Disposal
    Just like families doing everyday chores at home, we also take out the trash and make sure that the house is free of garbage and unused loose objects that could potentially cause serious falls, gather molds and dust or just add to unnecessary household items.

We do not limit our Personal Care Service in San Antonio, Texas to only providing companionship and basic care needs. We understand the changing needs and requirements of our patients that we have created extensive care services to allow our senior patients to continue maintaining their beautiful homes with the assistance of our caregivers.

Let a senior loved one know how they can keep a functional and well-kept home by sharing this blog from our team at Above and Beyond Caregiving, Inc.

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