Checklist: Ensuring Good Caregivers At Home

Checklist: Ensuring Good Caregivers At Home

Above and Beyond Caregiving, Inc. always makes it a priority to only take on the most qualified caregivers in our team. We do basic yet very thorough background screening on all of our caregivers so we can assure you the safest and most reliable provider of Personal Care Service in San Antonio, Texas.

We always make it a point that our chosen and qualified caregivers are persons with high moral integrity and excellence. We want our team to perform and give out the necessary care and assistance you need for your loved ones without any hint of unease.

Without exception, here’s a checklist that you can use as a guide in when taking on a Home Care provider for your loved one:

  1. Clean Criminal Records
    The most important quality you need to check is a good citizen with a clean criminal background. Your peace of mind begins when you have a good friend taking care of your loved one.

  2. Clean Driving Records
    If you need services that require your loved one to be driven to appointments and events, make sure that your caregiver has a clean driving record to ensure safe travels.

  3. Policy Compliant
    Make sure that the caregivers you are about to have been compliant with your house rules. If they are compliant with your rules, it will be easier for you to deal with them and ask them for much more needed assistance.

  4. Reliable References
    Check that they have good references from previous employment or who are simply well recommended for the job. You cannot have anyone taking care of your loved one without any knowledge of what to do.

That is why we always amply train our caregivers so we can take care of all the necessary responsibilities required by our senior clients.

Before you take on our services, we primarily introduce our caregivers to you so you can meet and talk with them before beginning any care schedule. If in any case, you find a concern with our caregivers, we will delightfully rectify the situation and guarantee your satisfaction with our services.

For conveniently safe screening and caregiver options, get in touch with us at Above and Beyond Caregiving, Inc.

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